Welcome to our Watefrton Property Site for Nova Scotia, New Brunswish and Vancouver British Columbia

This idyllic island located off the coast of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is home to 135,000 people. Connected to the rest of Canada by a massive bridge, this Canadian province offers a treasure trove of unspoiled ocean front properties. The broad based economy has some of the most sophisticated "high tech" infrastructure anywhere in the world. Once you visit this Island you will be so enraptured with it you will not want to leave. Here's a perfect place for a seasonal or year round residence.

For further information on the following properties email Nedly Boyd at email: nedboyd@clerk.com.

Waterfront Project in British Columbia

On the west coast of British Columbia home to the pacific Northwest we have been involved with the new River Front project with waterfront condos and townhouses in South Vancouver, BC: River District.

If you are looking for a wealth Canadian province wiht the most beautiful sceneries and mountain views this is the best place to be. The most widely sought after land for Asians, Vancouver watefront is trully inspirational and will leave you breathless. Indeed you will see just how our Canadian real estate is so entrenched with so much good fortune.

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